Scanguard Review 2023: Is It Really That Good?

There has to be hundreds if not thousands of antivirus softwares out there— majority of which are either mediocre or terrible. Only very few are selected as the creme de la creme of all antivirus programs, and among them is the trusted Scanguard.

What we like

What we weren’t sure about

In the world of antivirus software, Scanguard has become a big deal. It’s gained a well-deserved reputation as a top-notch solution that kicks malware, viruses, ransomware, and all sorts of online threats to the curb. But what makes Scanguard stand out from the crowd is its dedication to keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape. 

They’ve got a team of tech wizards and fancy technology that keeps their security software always updated, so you can bet they’ll sniff out the latest threats and keep you safe in our crazy interconnected world.

But if you don’t believe us, then here’s a complete rundown and review of why Scanguard is a great essential antivirus in 2023!

Pros and Cons based on In-depth Scanguard Review

Scanguard Pros

ScanGuard Cons

Scanguard Review Best Advantages

Advanced AI-based Threat Detection

Scanguard utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect and neutralize complex malware threats effectively. Its AI algorithms analyze patterns, behaviors, and anomalies to identify and mitigate emerging and zero-day threats. According to independent testing conducted by AV-Comparatives, Scanguard has demonstrated high detection rates and effectiveness in combating malware. 

Secure Online Browsing and Privacy Protection

Scanguard offers robust features to enhance your online security and privacy. It includes secure browsing tools that protect against phishing attempts, malicious websites, and online trackers. Additionally, Scanguard’s identity theft protection features help safeguard your personal information from being compromised. 

User-Friendly Interface and Excellent Customer Support

Scanguard prides itself on providing a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and customize their security settings. Moreover, Scanguard offers reliable customer support to assist users promptly. 

Affordable pricing 

Enough said, Scanguard only charges $29 annually compared to the hundreds of dollars you’ll dish out for the competitor programs. 

What is Scanguard Antivirus: All You Need to Know and More

Scanguard is a highly secure antivirus solution that offers a user-friendly interface, allowing for effortless utilization and customization of scanguard features its numerous functionalities.

Scanguard’s malware scanner is renowned within the industry for its exceptional performance because it utilizes a whitelisted variant of Avira’s anti-malware engine which is the same one implemented in TotalAV. 

Consequently, Scanguard boasts the same impeccable malware detection rates as Avira. However, to unlock the complete range of features offered by the Scanguard subscription, extra features such as optimization tools such as the VPN and ad blocker, a significantly higher payment is required beyond the initial price.

Overview of Scanguard Antivirus review in 2023

In 2023, Scanguard lines up pretty well against other antivirus softwares in the market. Programs like TotalAV and Norton are close in terms of reliability and security. 

To give you an overview of Scanguard, here is my expert analysis of the essential antivirus’ package features and each of its components that might sway you to make this your go-to protection program:

Comprehensive Features of Scanguard Antivirus

Malware Scan

Scanguard Antivirus offers an impressive malware scanning feature that I’ve personally tinkered with to see if they are as good as they claim. It meticulously examines your system to detect and eliminate various types of malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, adware, and other potentially harmful programs. This feature ensures the security and integrity of your computer and digital devices, providing you with peace of mind.


When Scanguard Antivirus suspects a file or program of being malicious, it isolates it in a secure quarantine folder. I found this feature to be quite helpful as it prevents the suspected file from causing any harm to your system. It allows you to review the file and take further action if necessary, adding an extra layer of protection against potential threats.


The whitelist feature in Scanguard, which I’ve had the opportunity to explore, lets you specify trusted files, programs, or websites. By adding them to the whitelist, you ensure that Scanguard recognizes them as safe and avoids flagging them as potential threats during scans. This feature is especially useful in preventing false positives and saving you from unnecessary scrutiny of trusted elements.


Scanguard Antivirus now incorporates a built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature. I must say, using the VPN has been a great experience. It encrypts your internet connection, safeguarding your online activities and data from prying eyes. Moreover, it masks your IP address, providing you with anonymity while browsing the internet and granting access to restricted content. It’s a valuable addition to the suite of features, ensuring your sensitive information remains secure.

Adblock Pro

Scanguard Antivirus includes an Adblock Pro component that effectively blocks intrusive and even malicious websites and advertisements as you browse the internet. I found this feature to be quite handy as it enhances the browsing experience by reducing distractions. It also significantly reduces the risk of unintentionally using malicious sites, clicking on malicious ads that may contain hidden malware, or lead to harmful websites.

Web Shield

The Web Shield feature in Scanguard Antivirus, which I’ve tried extensively, offers real-time protection against online threats. It continuously scans websites for malicious code, phishing attempts, and other forms of online fraud, ensuring safe browsing. If it detects a dangerous website, it actively blocks access to prevent malware infections and protect your personal information. This feature provides a valuable shield against online threats.

Data Breach Check

Scanguard Antivirus provides a data breach check feature that assists you in monitoring the security of your personal information. It scans the internet for any data breaches that may have exposed your sensitive data, such as email addresses, passwords, or financial details. This feature helps you stay informed about potential breaches, allowing you to take appropriate steps to safeguard your information. It’s a proactive measure to protect your privacy.

Junk Cleaner

Scanguard Antivirus includes a junk cleaner tool that scans your system for unnecessary files and removes them, freeing up valuable storage space. I’ve found this feature to be quite effective in optimizing the performance of your computer. It eliminates temporary files, cache data, and other unnecessary clutter that tends to accumulate over time, keeping your system running smoothly.

Duplication Finder

The duplication and duplicate file finder feature in Scanguard Antivirus has proven to be quite useful. It scans your computer for duplicate files and helps you identify and remove them. By eliminating redundant copies of files, you can reclaim precious storage space and improve the organization of your data. It’s a handy feature for keeping your files organized and clutter-free.

Large & Old Files

I must say, the large & old files feature in Scanguard Antivirus is a hidden gem. It scans your system to identify large and old files that may no longer be needed. This feature helps you make informed decisions about whether to delete or archive such files. By removing large and old files, you not only save storage space but also improve system performance. It’s a practical tool for decluttering your computer.

Disk Usage

Scanguard Antivirus provides a comprehensive disk space usage analysis feature, and I’ve found it to be quite insightful. It gives you detailed information about how your storage space is being utilized, helping you manage your disk space more efficiently. With this feature, you can identify which files and folders are occupying the most space, allowing you to take appropriate actions to optimize your storage.

Browse Cleaner

The browse cleaner feature in Scanguard Antivirus is a valuable security tool used for maintaining your privacy. It clears browsing traces and temporary internet files, including cookies, cache data, and browsing history. By doing so, it ensures that all your passwords and browsing habits remain confidential and your online activities stay private. This feature is particularly useful for those concerned about their online privacy when using programs like Chrome or Safari for Mac.

Startup Programs

Scanguard Antivirus allows you to manage startup programs on your computer, and I’ve found this feature to be quite beneficial. It gives you control over the applications that launch automatically when you start your system. By managing startup programs, you can optimize startup times and improve overall system performance. It’s a handy feature for those who want to streamline their system’s startup process.


The uninstaller tool in Scanguard Antivirus is a lifesaver when it comes to removing unwanted programs from your computer. I’ve personally tried it, and it works like a charm. It helps you uninstall software completely, removing all associated files and registry entries. With this tool, you can ensure that no traces of the uninstalled programs remain on your system, freeing up valuable resources.

Scanguard Antivirus Pricing and Plans

Scanguard offers its essential antivirus services at an affordable price, providing users with comprehensive protection for their devices. Here is an overview of all the features and pricing details:

Annual Subscription 

With the annual subscription, you can enjoy Scanguard’s complete security suite of features, performance optimization tools, and ongoing updates for a full year at a cost of $29.00 per year. It’s a budget-friendly option that ensures all your devices will stay protected throughout the year.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee with Scanguard (Annual Subscribers) 

As an annual subscriber, I understand the importance of your satisfaction. That’s why Scanguard provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, within the first 30 days of your annual subscription, you find that the antivirus service doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a refund. Your peace of mind is valued.

Monthly Subscription 

If you prefer a shorter commitment, Scanguard also offers a monthly subscription option. The specific pricing for the monthly plan may vary, and you will be charged on a monthly basis. It’s a flexible choice for those who prefer more control over their subscription duration.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee (Monthly Subscribers) 

My priority is ensuring your satisfaction with Scanguard. That’s why, as a monthly subscriber, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the antivirus service doesn’t meet your needs within the initial 14 days of your monthly subscription, you can request a refund. Your happiness with the service is important to me.

Ease of Use and Setup of Scanguard Essential Antivirus

I must say, my experience with the ease of use and setup of Scanguard Antivirus has been exceptional. From the moment I installed the software, I found the entire installation process to be straightforward and user-friendly.

Setting up Scanguard was a breeze. The installation wizard guided me through each step, providing clear instructions along the way. Within minutes, I had the antivirus up and running on my system, ready to protect my devices.

Navigating the Scanguard interface was intuitive and well-designed. The layout is clean and organized, making it easy for me to locate and access the various features and settings. I appreciated the logical arrangement of the menus, which allowed me to quickly find what I needed without any confusion.

Scanguard is optimizable and customizable

Customizing the antivirus settings according to my preferences was a seamless experience. Scanguard provided me with a range of options and controls, empowering me to tailor the protection to suit my specific needs. Whether it was adjusting scan schedules, managing exclusions, or fine-tuning the real-time protection, I found the process to be smooth and hassle-free.

Is Scanguard responsive? 

Another aspect that stood out to me was the responsiveness of Scanguard Antivirus. The scans and system optimizations were executed efficiently, without causing any noticeable slowdowns or interruptions to my daily activities. I was able to continue working or browsing the web seamlessly while Scanguard diligently protected my system in the background.

User Interface 

In terms of user guidance, Scanguard exceeded my expectations. The software provided clear notifications and alerts whenever potential threats were detected or when important updates and extra features were available. I found the notifications to be informative and easy to understand, allowing me to take prompt action to address any security issues.

Scanguard Antivirus Customer Support

I must say that my experience with Scanguard Antivirus customer support has been exceptional. Whenever I encountered an issue or had a question, their team was quick to respond and provide the assistance I needed.

Contacting Scanguard’s customer support was a breeze. I had multiple channels to choose from, including live chat, email, and a dedicated support hotline. No matter which method I used, their response time was impressively fast, with prompt replies that demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The support representatives I interacted with were knowledgeable and professional. They patiently listened to my concerns and provided clear and concise explanations. Their expertise in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues was evident, as they guided me step by step to overcome any challenges I encountered.

Malware Protection Capability of Scanguard

When it comes to protecting your digital devices from malware, Scanguard has proven to be a reliable and robust solution. I’ve had the opportunity to experience firsthand the exceptional malware protection capabilities of Scanguard, and I must say, it truly delivers on its promise of keeping your system secure.

Scanguard’s malware protection feature is designed to thoroughly scan your system, detecting and eliminating a wide range of malicious software. From viruses and spyware to adware and other potentially harmful programs, Scanguard’ malware scanner leaves no stone unturned in its mission to safeguard your computer and digital devices.

The malware scanning process is comprehensive and efficient. Scanguard system optimization scan thoroughly examines every nook and cranny of your system, leaving no hidden threats behind. The full system scan also runs swiftly, without causing any noticeable slowdowns or interruptions to your daily tasks. I was impressed by the speed at which Scanguard performed the system scans, ensuring that my system remained protected without sacrificing performance.

Comparison of Scanguard with Other Antivirus Services

As someone who has had the opportunity to explore various antivirus software options, including Norton, TotalAV, and McAfee, I can provide a personal perspective on how Scanguard compares to these popular antivirus software services.

Round 1: Malware Protection

When it comes to malware protection, all four antivirus services, including Scanguard, Norton, TotalAV, and McAfee, offer robust scanning capabilities that detect and eliminate a wide range of threats. However, Scanguard’s proactive approach to malware detection sets it apart. With its advanced algorithms and heuristics, Scanguard stays ahead of emerging threats, providing an additional layer of security against evolving malware.

Round 2: Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, Scanguard’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it a breeze to manage and customize. I found Scanguard to be particularly straightforward in terms of setup and configuring the antivirus settings according to my preferences. Norton and McAfee also offer user-friendly interfaces, but TotalAV’s interface can be a bit overwhelming with its numerous options and settings.

Customer Support 

Customer support is another important aspect to consider. Scanguard’s support team impressed me with their responsiveness, knowledge, and personalized assistance. Whether I reached out via live chat, email, or phone, Scanguard’s support representatives were prompt and helpful. Norton and McAfee also provide reliable customer support, but I found TotalAV’s customer service to be slightly less responsive.

Added Features 

When it comes to additional features, Scanguard offers a range of tools such security suites such as VPN, ad blocker master password,, web shield, password manager, and data breach check, which enhance the overall security and privacy of your digital experience. Norton and McAfee also provide similar additional features, but TotalAV’s feature set is comparatively limited.


In terms of pricing, Scanguard stands out as a budget-friendly option. Its annual subscription of $29.00 per year offers comprehensive protection at an affordable price. Norton and McAfee, on the other hand, tend to be priced higher, while TotalAV’s pricing falls in a similar range to Scanguard.

The Verdict

Ultimately, the choice between Scanguard, Norton, TotalAV, and McAfee depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you value proactive malware protection, user-friendly interfaces, responsive customer support, and an affordable price, Scanguard may be the ideal choice for you. However, it’s important to evaluate the features, pricing, and overall performance of each antivirus service to determine which one best aligns with your requirements.

Scanguard’s Compatibility across Different Operating Systems

One of the standout features of Scanguard is its exceptional compatibility across different operating systems. Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, or Android, Scanguard ensures that you can enjoy its comprehensive protection regardless of your preferred platform.


For Windows users, Scanguard offers full compatibility with the latest versions of the operating system. Whether you’re using Windows 11, 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, Scanguard seamlessly integrates into your system, providing real-time protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats. The software is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that it doesn’t cause any significant impact on your system’s performance.


Mac users can also benefit from Scanguard’s compatibility and its real time malware protection too. With its dedicated version for macOS, Scanguard offers robust security specifically tailored for Apple devices. It scans for Mac-specific malware and provides real-time protection to keep your Mac running smoothly and securely. Scanguard’s compatibility ensures that Mac users can enjoy a worry-free computing experience.


Android users are not left behind when it comes to Scanguard’s compatibility with messaging apps. With the increasing prevalence of threats targeting mobile devices, Scanguard offers a dedicated app for Android devices. It provides on-demand scanning, real-time protection, and other essential antivirus and security tools and features to keep your Android smartphone or tablet safe from malware and other malicious apps.

Cross-platform Devices

The cross-platform compatibility of Scanguard is truly impressive. It allows users to have a consistent experience and protection across their various devices, regardless of the operating system. Whether you’re using a Windows PC, a Mac, or an Android device, Scanguard ensures that you can rely on its comprehensive and security suite of features to keep your digital life protected.

Additionally, Scanguard’s compatibility extends to different versions of the respective operating systems. Whether you’re using the latest version or an older one, Scanguard is designed to work seamlessly, ensuring that you receive the same level of protection regardless of your system’s specifications.


In conclusion, Scanguard has proven to be a reliable and comprehensive security solution that offers robust malware protection, a user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support. Throughout my experience with Scanguard, I have been impressed by its powerful malware scanning capabilities, proactive approach to threat detection, and efficient system performance.

Would I recommend it? For only $29 a year, I’d say go for it if you’re on a tight budget and want to clean or prevent unwanted threats that’ll come to your device. It has very little risk especially if you can cancel anytime if you don’t want to service with their money-back guarantee.

FAQs about Scanguard in 2023

Yes, Scanguard is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android operating systems.


Yes, Scanguard provides real-time virus protection throughout, actively monitoring your system and preventing malware infections as you browse the internet or engage in online activities.


Absolutely. Scanguard’s malware scanning feature is designed to thoroughly examine malicious files on your system, detecting and eliminating viruses, spyware, adware, and other potentially harmful programs.

Yes, Scanguard includes additional features such as remote firewall protection and other features such as VPN, ad blocker, web shield master password manager, and data breach check, enhancing your overall security and privacy while using your digital devices.

Scanguard’s customer support is excellent. The support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and provides personalized assistance through various channels such as live chat, email, and phone, ensuring that you receive prompt help when needed.