How to Remove Easy Mac Care in 6 Steps

Easy Mac Care sounds like a good program – a lot of people download it. But the problem is that the program acts more like a virus than a beneficial program that you installed.

What is Easy Mac Care?

Considered a potentially unwanted program, or PUP, the program is “designed” to optimize your computer to run optimally. The program can be used to scan through multiple files on your system, including:

  • Startup entries
  • Cached files
  • Temp files

When you run the program, it will list a few issues that you can potentially repair. The problem is that you’ll need to buy the full version to fix the issues.

Most people aren’t even sure how the program ended up on their Mac. Since it’s considered a PUP, this means that it’s installed through either an advertisement or bundled with software. Free downloads are notorious for this kind of behavior because additional software is often packed into the installation, and you likely agreed to install the PUP when approving the terms of service.

This isn’t a form of spyware.

Instead, the software makes promises, detects problems that are likely nonexistent and tries to force you into making a purchase to fix your problems. It’s a revenue generating application, and we’re going to show you how to get rid of it today.

6 Steps to Remove Easy Mac Care

Anti-virus programs may include features that search for PUPs like Easy Mac Care. If real-time monitoring is installed, the software should be able to curb some of these unwanted programs. But if you have Easy Mac Care installed already, you can follow these quick steps to remove the program.

Step 1
Your first step should be to open your Utilities folder. This can be found by going to Go > Utilities. Once the utilities are open, you’ll need to click on Activity Monitor and open up the application.

You’re going to need to look for the Easy Mac Care on the list and choose to Quit Process.

Be sure to Force Quit the application to make sure that it’s not running in the background. This is essential to keep the application from simply undoing what you’ll be doing in the coming steps.

Step 2
You’ll want to go to the following Go > Apple Finder > Go to Folder. A search dialog should appear. Now, enter in the following query “/Library/LaunchAgents” and click “Go.”

Step 3
The directory should open up once you click “Go.” You’ll want to remove two main entries by sending them to the trash:

  • com.EasyMacCare.agent.plist
  • Com.EasyMacCare.emchlpr

Be careful to match these entries precisely so that you’re not deleting something important in the process.

Step 4
This step is similar to the second step, but you’ll need to search for the following folder “~/Library/LaunchAgents” and click Go. You’ll want to send the following to Trash

  • EasyMacCare
  • helperemc
  • hlpremc
  • Hlpreasymaccare

Step 5
Now it’s time to actually remove the Easy Mac Care application. Removal is easy by simply clicking Go and then opening Applications. Remove the application by right clicking on it and entering a password if required.

Step 6
Finally, you’ll need to go to your Apple Menu and find the System Preferences option that’s listed. You’ll want to look through the accounts by selecting Accounts and clicking on Login Items.

Remove any suspicious entries by clicking the “-’ button. Look for the name “Mac Auto Fixer” or “Easy Mac Care” or anything else that looks suspicious. This part is important because it removes the Login Items that have been added to the system.

Remove Browser Redirects and Additions

Easy Mac Care also likes to install redirects in your browser, which should be removed to keep your system safe. The redirect removal steps that you’ll want to follow depend on the browser that you’re using.

Typically, removing all website data is more than enough to get rid of the redirects.


Safari is the most common browser used on Mac, so it’s important to start with this browser first. The steps you’ll need to follow include:

  • Open the browser
  • Select Preferences from the Safari menu
  • Click the Privacy tab
  • Click Remove All Website Data

Be sure to remove all of the items on the list.


Chrome requires you to follow similar steps, so open the browser, click the three dots on the top right of the screen and select Settings. Once the tab opens, you’ll want to go to Advanced and then go to Reset settings.

You’ll want to restore the settings to their original defaults by clicking on the Reset settings button,


Firefox makes it much easier to reset the browser. Open the browser, click Help > Troubleshooting Information. Locate and click on the button labeled “Reset Firefox.”

These steps are going to help you remove Easy Mac Care and all traces of it on your Mac.