pop up blocker 2023

3 Best Pop-Up Blocker Options of 2023

Last updated: August 14, 2023

Are you tired of pesky pop-ups causing mayhem on your devices? Some pop-ups offer great deals, and marketers have a very high conversion rate with them. However, others will be malicious and can cause harm to your devices. The best pop-up blocker will help eliminate pop-ups and reduce the risk of downloading malicious software.

We’re going to cover numerous topics in this article, including:

  • Standalone pop-up blockers
  • Top 3 pop-up blockers
  • Benefits of antivirus software
  • FAQs

Standalone Pop-Up Blockers

There are a lot of standalone and free pop-up blockers available in the market but we don’t recommend using them. As per recent studies:

  • 450,000 new malware is detected per day
  • 350,000 new viruses are found daily
  • 3 billion malware exists
  • 90% of data breaches are phishing-related

Add in the risk of identity theft and spyware, and it’s clear that everyone needs to up their security.

And don’t think PCs are the only devices at risk.

Recently, there has been a significant rise in attacks against macOS, Android, and iOS devices, too. If you’re not taking a proactive approach to your security and online privacy, you’re leaving yourself open to the risk of damage to your devices, identity theft, trojans, and more.

If you want to run something more substantial, you need a robust blocker. In fact, you need to start using a security suite. We’re going to list three of the best security packages that all include pop-up blockers that will provide you with optimal security.

Top 3 Pop-Up Blockers

1. TotalAV

TotalAV tops our list because it’s free. You can download and begin using this pop-up blocker in minutes, but it offers far more protection than just stopping pop-ups. Plus, as the best pop-up blocker, there’s also a premium version (completely optional) if you want even more protection for your devices.



Total Adblock

If you want to blast away pop-ups and ads that ruin your browsing experience, Total Adblock is one of the best solutions in the world. The solution will sit in the background, running in real-time, to detect and block pesky ads from getting in the way or posing a threat to your online security.

Real-time Protection

Premium users will have access to real-time protection against malware, viruses and other malicious software. Free users will not have access to these features, but they do have access to Ad Block Pro.

There are even spyware removal features to keep your data and usage safe and secure.

Identity Protection

Data breach searches are included to help you identify if your information is ever exposed online. Hackers have massive databases with compromised data. TotalAV will scan these sources to identify any issues you may have and help you stop identity theft from impacting your life.